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Increasing factors of a level of student's basketball development

Increasing factors of a level of student's basketball development

Absolutely, in the world much attention given to development of student's sports to what testify World University games, European and World championships among students on separate kinds of sport. In Russia - again created regional and All-Russia Student games, Sports Games and Championships on separate kinds of sport.

Acknowledgement of development of student's basketball is the following fact:in 2008 and 2009 women's team Moscow Agricultural Academy became the Champion of Europe among student's teams, and in 2010 was the World champion.

Because of questionnaire, we have revealed that more than half of respondents doesn't arrange level of financing for its student's team; only in one high school there are off-budget sources of financing; 83 % of high schools have a gym which is responsible for the requirements to holding competitions on basketball; in more than half high schools the organization administration takes direct part in organizational-methodical work with a team and visits matches with its participation.

59 % of respondents consider possible to prepare the basketball player of high qualification in the conditions of high school, and accordingly, 53 % of trainers have already prepared those.

Because of analysis of proceedings (Belov, Rapoport, Gzovsky and other) and competitive activity we have revealed any problems in modern student's basketball:
- poorly equipped material base of high schools, as the factor interfering high-grade interuniversity and inter-regional competitions on basketball for the further selection;
- a staff problem – graduates of higher educational institutes of physical education unwillingly go to work on physical training chairs as trainer, considering a low salary and great volume of work, including holding the physical-sports work in the evening and in the weekends. As result of it many student's commands, having huge potential, can't fully realize it;
- absence of regional competitions on basketball in the United planned schedule of the Ministry of sports, tourism and the youth policy, and as result – absence of financing;
- weak interest of local administration to competitions of entry level: the great attention is given to the All-Russia and world fights among students but lose the fact that selection on the above-stated competitions passes through the Championship of a city, region, district and etc.

The university management always put the highest tasks to coaches of the teams in different kinds of sport. Students of RSUPES&T throughout all time of existence are members of national and reserve national teams of the country.

Preparation of highly skilled players, trainers and specialists of basketball – one of priority directions in university activity.

In connection with that the level of performance of our students in basketball competitions isn't always high and demands certain growth, we offer the Concept of basketball development in RSUPES&T. In our opinion, it shall allow to raise basketball in university on qualitatively new level and to solve many problems which have existed in this kind of sport. It will be consist of 5 basic parts.
1. Introduction and range of problems
2. Description of condition of level of basketball development in RSUPES&T
3. Purposes and tasks on basketball development in RSUPES&T
4. Standard-legal and financial support
5. Extents of its development in RSUPES&T

We, as well as many specialists of basketball, consider that reconstruction of the sports clubs as part of high schools structure realizing its activity in interaction with administration of university, chair of physical education, the trade-union and student's organizations which are the basic link of system of student's sports is necessary in high schools. It also is the primary object of our work on development of student's basketball. The sports club of high school solves following tasks:
• involving of student's youth, post-graduate students, teachers and personnel of high schools in regular exercises of physical culture and sports:;
• Training of physical and morally-strong-willed qualities, strengthening of health and disease decreasing, increasing of professional readiness level, social activity of all personnel of university;
• Organization and holding mass health-improving, physical and sports events;
• Creation of sports amateur consolidations, clubs, sections and teams on different kinds of sport;
Most of all we have interesting questions, concerning structures and maintenances of sports clubs on the basis of high schools. We have found out that in 47 % of high schools there are sports clubs with basketball department. 71 % interrogated have supported that by creation of sports clubs on the basis of high schools it is possible to raise quality of preparation of students-basketball players.

And, at last, 53 % of respondents consider, that exactly the club most effectively solves questions of development of student's basketball.

The conclusion is one - through system of sports clubs most successfully can develop both mass sports, and sports of the higher achievements. From what will be sports clubs in the future, what their qualitative specificity, essentially depends development not only basketball in particular, but also sports in the country as a whole.

Laptev Sergey

Increasing factors of a level of student's basketball development

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