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Psychology of lies

Psychology of lies

The ability to lie is one of the distinguishing features of the human race. The problem has been studied by many scientists and psychologists all over the world for many years now but one can’t a hundred percent answer whether a person is lying or not. Psychology of lies investigates the mechanism of lies, their traces in speech, gestures and facial expressions of people. Moreover, it examines the reasons causing a person to lie. The most interesting and difficult areas of psychology of lies is the search of means to completely detect lies or deceit. The majority of scholars are of the opinion that there is no such a person, who could absolutely conceal the truth. The fact is that people just cannot notice manifestations of lies.

To be aware of psychology of lies is necessary in the modern business world, with its rigid laws and severe competition. There are several typical signs indicating that a person is lying. The one sign known to everybody is turning away one’s eyes. However, the more important and evident is the reaction of the pupils of the eyes. We can’t regulate their motion. When we are glad and happy the pupils widen, while they become narrower at negative emotions and feelings. Therefore, every person should take a close look at his or her interlocutor’s eyes.

Body language also contributes to identify the signs of lies. A lying man would automatically bring his hand to his mouth as if he tried to stop untrue words. The thumb being on the cheek has the same meaning. Sometimes people are to scratch their noses or rub the eyelids. As lies causes itching sense in the muscles of the face and neck a liar starts scratching his nose, pulling down the collar of the shirt or loosen his tie. If a person speaks the truth both his gestures and mime are synchronous. A lying person is always moving, fiddling with handkerchief or glasses.

Therefore, experts in psychology of lies advise to be very attentive and observant. However, specialists in psychology of lies also recommend treating people with an open mind without accusing anybody in a lie just because they are not to our liking.

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Psychology of lies

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