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“Self”- conception formation at future specialists in sphere of physical culture and sport

“Self”- conception formation at future specialists in sphere of physical culture and sport

Introduction. Modern requirements to the specialists make active a task of preparation of the purposeful, independent, creative person showing high level of culture, structurally overcoming arising stressful situations in life and activity.

Many psychologists suggest that the educational (training) process in high school influences much on developing ―self‘-conception in the whole. The certain vital positions defining the level of competence of the personality and professional are formed during the educational process.

The purpose of our study was to reveal the developed of ―self‖-conception at the future sports specialists at different level of studying at high school and to define the organizational-pedagogical conditions promoting its development.

To realize the purpose of the research the following tasks were carried out:
1. To study the students‘ ideas their ideal level of developed professionally important skills necessary for the sports specialists (–I‖-ideal) (1st , 3d, 5th courses).

2. To study ―self‖- conception of developed professionally important skills, at sports specialists at the 1st , 3d, and 5th courses (–I‖- real).

3. To reveal the distinctions in developed components of –self‖-conception at different grade levels of the sports academy.

Methods. In our research we applied the following methods:
1. Special literature analysis.
2. Psychodiagnostics methods.
3. Pedagogical experiment
4. Methods of mathematic statistic.

54 students (aged 17-22) of the Velikie Luki state academy of physical culture and sport took part in the study.
Such qualities as empathy, reflection, tolerance, communicative skills, emotional flexibility, stress tolerance (stability) were examined.

Results. It was established that the level of formed of components of –self‖-conception and components‘ development at different steps of training is unequal and has nonlinear character. The comparative analysis has shown that there were not reliable distinctions among –I‖-ideal and –I‖-real estimated at the students of the 1st course; there were reliable distinctions at students of the 3d course in such skills as: communicative and organizational. As for the 5th year students there were reliable distinctions between –I‖-ideal and –I‖-real in all qualities estimated. These results testify that the students receive necessary professional knowledge, get some experience greatly influencing on –self‖-conception developed.

It was revealed that the students trained in the system of psycho-pedagogical support had the level of the development of communication skills more than 59%, empathy -52%, tolerance – 59%, reflection – 72%, emotional flexibility – 53%.
These indicators are more than 14% higher than at students not involved in the experiment.

Conclusion. Thus, the application of the theoretical seminars, seminar-practical works, problem lectures, different kinds of games and problem tasks, individual consultations, psycho-pedagogical support and personal-focused approach promoted the professional becoming in the sphere of physical culture and sports and as a whole the development of –self‖-conception.

O. Kosobudskaya, N. Ershova

“Self”- conception formation at future specialists in sphere of physical culture and sport

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