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Synthesis of bodipy derivatives for molecular sensory

Synthesis of bodipy derivatives for molecular sensory

BODIPY, or Boron-dipyrromethene fluorescent dyes, are known to have unique photophysical and chemical properties such as high quantum yields, marked adsorption and emission spectra, small Stokes shift, etc. Being slightly modified, these luminophores may demonstrate precise sensitivity to vast range of important physical and chemical parameters in solution such as dynamic viscosity and pH.

Moreover, these substances are quite resistant to photochemical destruction and aggressive chemical environment. Therefore, BODIPY are tending to be desirable core compounds of complex biomedical labels and optoelectronic materials due to these unique properties.

Current work is focused on the synthesis and investigation of new 8- functionalized BODIPY derivatives for specific analytical purposes. Discussed compounds include luminophores with aliphatic systems, proton and electron pair donor systems, as well as aromatic substituents in bridge position.

It should be noted that tris- and bis- BODIPY domains connected via bulky triphenylamine spacer were obtained for the first time, their structures being investigated through CHN analysis, by IR, NMR and UV-Vis (absorption and emission) spectroscopy. The compounds under the study were revealed to possess desirable feedback to specific solution properties.

The work was supported by RFBR Grants (№ 16-03-01028, №15-33-20002) and RF President Grant (MK-8835.2016.3).

Usoltsev S.D.

Synthesis of bodipy derivatives for molecular sensory

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