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The main activity aspects of the specialized annual exhibition reha care international “disabled people rehabilitation and care” (dusseldorf

The main activity aspects of the specialized annual exhibition reha care international “disabled people rehabilitation and care” (dusseldorf

The annual exhibition –Reha Care International‖ is specialized scale action in sphere of disabled people. It reflects the basic tendencies of development of world production and shows achievements of developers, manufacturers of the goods, the equipment, building objects and services for invalids, and also scientific base in this area. The exhibition is the effective business – platform for business contacts, commercial negotiations and professional information interchange.

We had been carried sociological investigation on a theme –Your attitude to the annual exhibition –Reha Care International‖. 23 participants of the international exhibition from Germany, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Great Britain, France were asked concerning interest in thematic directions of an exhibition: building and designing, medical-rehabilitation means and technologies, medical institutions and techniques, the help in a daily life, communication media, formation and employment, leisure, rest and tourism, invasport, public organizations and funds, mass media, pharmaceutics.

More than 30 % interrogated were consumers of the production for a daily life of invalids (Italy, Great Britain, Germany), 30 % (Denmark, Italy. Great Britain, Belgium. Germany) - manufacturers, more than 13 % - distributors of production for invalids (Germany, Great Britain), 22 % - suppliers of production for invalids (France, Poland, Germany), about 5 % (Germany) - customers of invalid production.
According to the sociological investigation about the opening of the exhibition more than a half of respondents have known on the Internet and from mass media, the others – from partner dialogue.
More than 10 % of the interrogated participants of an exhibition (France, Italy, Germany) have been interested in the thematic list of production and services, more than a half (Italy, Great Britain, Germany) have preferred medical – rehabilitation means and techniques, almost 35 % (Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Denmark) – were interested in invasport. The majority of representatives of the different countries for business dialogue prefer scientific conferences, «round tables» and debate. The opinion about the necessity of usage of –On – line‖ system was divided fifty-fifty.
Almost all respondents have agreed with the good organization of an exhibition.
The international specialized exhibition is one of tools for the decision of a large quantity of problems. It took place in Germany in October, 2010. The exhibition‘s concept consists in an establishment of direct contacts between manufacturers, distributors, customers and consumers of production for invalids, and also in possibility of demonstration of last scientific researches, techniques and technical workings out.
The business program is prepared within the limits of an exhibition, it includes scientifically – practical conferences, round tables, seminars with participation of leading experts.
According to the President of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev disabled people face much more the quantity of problems than other people and our task is to create wide developed system of their rehabilitation.
According to the Chairman of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation S. M. Mironov the country and we will be changed by creation of conditions to invalids for the maximum integration into a society that in practice will provide their rights.
The Foreign Secretary S. V. Lavrov on behalf of the Russian Federation has signed on 24th September, 2008 in a staff – apartment of the United Nations the Convention on the rights of invalids that underlines the importance for our state of the given problem. It is the first international contract in the field of the human rights, developed and accepted by the United Nations in the XXI century. The so-called social approach is registered in the Convention.
In the third millenium the population should realize presence of invalids:
according to the United Nations every tenth person on a planet has physical inability and not less than 25 % of all population suffers from health frustration, and to recognize necessity to create for them normal living conditions. Barriers which limit and isolate invalids from a society and conduct to their discrimination, can be the most different – legal, organizational, informational, and also purely physical obstacles, for example, absence of a ramp in public places or specialized transport because of what the wheel chair invalid loses possibility of unobstructed movement.
Hence, the state and public organizations should work out the measures of assistance to invalids and their successful social adaptation maintenance of worthy level and quality of life, their rehabilitation and integration into a society.
The improvement of this problematic in our country is not marked only the Russian, but also by the prominent abroad representatives. The president of the International Paralympic Committee sir Phillip Kraven on the Second National award of Elena Mukhina has mention the progress in relation to invalids in Russia.

In connection with this the teachers should perfect the language teaching methods of students - invalids. The Government program «The accessible environment» for the invalids starts in 2011, which is developed by the Ministry of Social development of the Russian Federation which should become a basis of realization of the Convention of the United Nations about the rights of invalids. Thus, the complex approach is needed to work out the program. Its realization would allow disable people to become enjoying full rights citizens of a society not on a paper, but in practice.

For the first time in Russia the International Specialized Exhibition –REHA Moscow International‖ will take place on 26-28th May, 2011 in Moscow, in EC "Sokolniki under the aegis of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation with support of the Moscow City government; the Department of Physical Education and Sports of Moscow; Paralympic Committee of Russia; Paralympic Committee of Moscow; the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation; the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation; the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation; Managements on building and innovations Paralympic Committee of the Russian Federation

Vinokurov A., Glembotskaja J.

The main activity aspects of the specialized annual exhibition reha care international “disabled people rehabilitation and care” (dusseldorf

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