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The role of sport in physical and personal development. Часть 1

The role of sport in physical and personal development. Часть 1

Аннотация. Автором анализируется влияние спорта на физическое и индивидуальное развитие личности. Показывается значение спорта в жизни человека.
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Today’s topic is of particular interest to those of you who think about benefit of sport; who think about necessity of sport.

Sport is everywhere in our life and you can find it in simple and ordinary things.

People usually don’t notice that they are doing sports. Probably, you go to your work on foot, often go up the stairs, run to the bus every morning. And why isn’t everymorning running to bus like morning exercise? It is not great surprise that you don’t think about your body, while you are running after the bus and about how you are training your system at this moment.

But is sport so important in our life like some people think?

Is sport important in your formation as a person; can sport help you to be stronger and healthier physically; can sport help you to recover from your illness?

So I would like to answer these questions and the purpose of my investigation is: does sport have an influence on our physical and personal development.

Let’s have a look at Physical development.

Different people think differently and of course different scientists think differently.

On the one hand, there some scientists who think how harmful and destructive sport is for people. Regular loads and trainings affect our cardiovascular and other systems.

Doctor Steven J. Barrer, Director of the Neurosciences Institute and Chief of the Division of Neurosurgery at Abington Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia wrote a book «Exercise Will Hurt You». In this book the doctor tells us about how harmful sport is and that you must not do it. «I contend that doing sports can harm your health in several ways. Injuries can be obtained as a result of even the simplest and easiest exercises. In addition, a serious danger is fraught with cumulative effect, which can give the most trivial injuries or simply prolonged excessive load on our joints and muscles, even in the absence of injuries. It is dangerous to abuse sports» [34]. Certainly there are some very curious and serious ideas but I think that this doctor is not absolutely right.

On the other hand, there are a lot of scientists who think that sport is necessary and important.

A molecular biologist, Doctor John Medina wrote a book «Brain Rules» where he told about useful things of sport and profit of sport in all. «Even in a healthy brain, the circulatory system can be improved. Here the exercise comes into play. Physical activity promotes better circulation of blood in body tissues» [12].

We can see that there are different points of view.

As for me, it is wrong to listen to only doctors. They are far away from sport and they don’t know the philosophy of sport. I’m a professional sportsmen and know all about sport and it influence. There is a book «The Education of a Bodybuilder» by Arnold Schwarzenegger that had a big impact on me.

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The role of sport in physical and personal development. Часть 1

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